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Clinically proven to reduce hair loss.

Healthy Hair

Clinically proven to stimulate growth & health of your hair.

Healthy Hair is a clinically proven formula to improve the volume, health and beauty of your hair. It is a unique plant based blend of non-GMO, gluten-free millet and wheat extracts, ecologically grown and harvested in the Chambord region of France.

Millet keeps your hair growth from being cut short
The gluten-free millet seed extract found in Healthy Hair contains unique lipid-type molecules called miliacin and ceramosides. These compounds help stimulate keratinocyte metabolism and increase cell growth at the base of (our) hair follicles by over 140%.

Nourished by millet, this increased keratin and cell activity can help prolong the growth phase of your hair cycle.

Hair growth nutrients – not in short supply
The hair follicles in the dermal papilla require a cocktail of biotin, zinc, vitamin B6, and protein for steady, optimal hair growth. In addition to the naturally occurring grain proteins in millet and wheat, Healthy Hair nourishes hair growth with therapeutic amounts of biotin, zinc and vitamin B6.

A growing body of clinical proof

The science behind hair nutrition is exciting and growing, and we are excited to offer a clinically proven formula that offers promising results for those who experience hair loss or are looking to stimulate hair regrowth. Apart from hair regrowth, evaluation through clinical scoring after a six week trial, shows 75% of women consuming Healthy Hair noticed an increase of hair brightness, softness and silkiness.

Understanding the cycle of hair growth

Your hair grows in cycles, and this cycle is broken up into periods of growth (the anagen phase), breakthrough (the catagen phase), and periods of rest (the telogen phase). In anagen, tiny strands emerge from our hair follicles, still attached to the bloodstream via the dermal papilla. Through the transfusion of blood, these baby hair strands receive a steady, nourishing stream of vitamins, minerals and proteins. This is the only period where our hair can be nutritionally strengthened. As we age, this phase of hair growth naturally shortens.

In the transitional catagen phase, the nascent hair strands breakthrough and detach from the dermal papilla. No longer able to rely on nutrients for growth via blood supply, hair must rely on the structural strength of the collagen and keratinocytes. In the final, telogen phase, the hair growth is paused, and your body prepares the nutrients necessary for the next anagen phase. This resting phase may last up to 3 months, and may represent about 15% of your hair shafts. Once new hair emerges from the hair follicle, the telogen phase ends and the entire cycle is repeated.

Hair loss and thinning can occur when your hair growth cycle is disrupted. This can be triggered by stress, metabolic or hormonal imbalances, post-childbirth, aging and nutritional deficiencies.

How Healthy Hair works

Healthy Hair formula shortens the telogen phase so that your hair can spend more time strengthening and growing. The uniquely patented Healthy Hair formula stimulates keratin production and feeds the hair follicle with a continuous supply of nutrients that create stronger hair throughout each phase of hair growth. This unique blend encourages more of the growing phase for reduced hair loss and stimulation of hair growth.

Healthy Hair benefits

  • Supplemented with nourishing zinc and biotin, Healthy Hair helps to reduce hair loss by 50% after 3 months and stimulate hair growth.

  • Healthy Hair helps your hair’s lifecycle – reducing hair loss by decreasing the telogen (rest) phase of the hair cycle.

  • Helps to reduce dandruff and improve scalp dryness after 6 weeks

  • Helps strengthen the collagen naturally present around the hair bulb for a better hair anchorage

  • Helps improve hair volume thickness, brightness and shine

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