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Beauty runs deep.

Silicon Beauty.

Featuring 100% soluble MMST silicon, derived from Nova Scotian quartz.

The most soluble and bioavailable
silicon for your hair, skin and nails.

So how do you absorb a mineral (silicon) from a rock anyway?

In order to be bioavailable, supplemental forms of silicon sourced must first be made soluble.

The more soluble the source of silicon, the more easily absorbed it is through the intestinal tract and used by our skin cells.

Silicon Beauty features MMST silicon, from Nova Scotian quartz

Natural sources of silicon such as bamboo and horsetail are insoluble and poorly utilized by our bodies

The problem with most silicon sources found in nature?

Silicon found in nature is highly insoluble.

Naturally occurring silicon found in sources like bamboo and horsetail are mostly insoluble because they tend to form large crystalline structures called polymers. And since polymers  are very large molecules, we have a hard time breaking them down in our body.

Size matters

To address the problem of large polymers, supplemental silicon is synthesized to be small organomolecules. However, many synthesized molecules are unstable (due to molecular charges that cause them to quickly react in their environment).

When these molecules react, they often revert back into large polymer crystals.

Larger silicon forms with molecular side chains tend to be more stable, but oftentimes they can only be partially digested and absorbed into our bodies.

For many supplemental forms, this is a tricky tradeoff between
stability and absorbability.

Is there a form that is both small and stable?

There is. CanPrev Silicon Beauty. It’s sourced from Nova Scotian quartz and it’s called
MMST (Monomethylsilanetriol).

The clinically proven
breakthrough of MMST

MMST is truly a unique source of silicon. MMST is a highly soluble monomeric silicon source that is both small and stable. MMST is the smallest of the organosilicon molecules. It has a small methyl group that maintains the stability of its molecular bonds which keeps its molecular charge neutral.

This neutral charge and molecular size is the key to MMST’s 100% solubility. And the research supports this. MMST has been shown to be stable with no polymerization even after two years!

The mineral silicon derived from MMST is clinically proven to be soluble, stable and effective.

It’s side chain is a methyl group (CH3) which is responsible for maintaining the stability (and neutral charge) of MMST.

In a head-to-head study comparing different supplemental silicon forms, MMST was shown to be 3.5 times more absorbable than the next leading form of silicon, 21 times more than horsetail and bamboo forms, and 64 times more than colloidal ionic silica.

Silicon Beauty featuring MMST. Clinically proven to be more absorbable.

A comparison of silicon sources shows MMST to be better absorbed than leading forms. Over 3.5 times more absorbable than ch-OSA, 21 times more absorbable than horsetail and bamboo forms, and 64 times more than colloidal ionic silica.

Clean, uncomplicated

Each tablespoon (15ml) contains

Silicon (from 12mg Methylsilanetriol) 4mg
Biotin 2.5mg

Citric acid: Natural pH buffer for a gentle digestive experience.

Potassium sorbate/citrus extract: Natural preservative and antimicrobial. No sodium benzoate. No harsh parabens.

Monk fruit: Refreshing taste with no sucralose. Now that’s sweet.

Adults – Take one tablespoon (15ml) per day, 5-10 minutes before meals or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

If possible, hold in mouth for one minute before swallowing in order to maximize its absorption under the tongue.

Shake before use. Refrigerate after opening.

As with any natural health product, you should consult a healthcare practitioner on the use of this product, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Do not use if seal is broken. Keep out of reach of children.

Collagen & Silicon.
Better together.

Why? Both decline as we age.

Silicon deficiency affects healthy collagen production. Collagen comprises 80% of the dry skin weight, and
gives our skin elasticity and strength.

Together they supply the raw building blocks needed for smoother, finer, firmer looking skin.

Delicious taste!
Liquid experience.

Never miss another dose of well-being for your skin.

To learn more about Silicon Beauty featuring MMST – the world’s most soluble silicon source (most effective for your hair, skin and nails), click below.

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